Why CallAssistant

The Difference is trained Sales Agents empowered by our Echo™ call center technology!

Why CallAssistant

CallAssistant manages more than 5 million interactions a month on behalf of clients across financial services, media, health care, public sectors and other customer centric verticals. With a decade of telemarketing experience, CallAssistant is a "must experience" call solution for any organization.


Echo™ is a patented technology (US patent 7,640,510 B2) from CallAssistant that allows our Call Agents to deliver a perfect presentation every time. The following are the benefits for clients using telemarketing services from CallAssistant:

  • Valuable information will be delivered every time to consumers. No miss quoting: rates, figures, statistics, offers or incentives.
  • Accurate, up-to-date information every time.
  • Clear, pleasant, and consistent speech that never sounds prerecorded or automated.
  • Firms no longer need to be financially strained to the point of outsourcing their call center needs overseas.

Always Perfect

  • CallAssistant guarantees that the same perfect script will be delivered the same way every time.
  • No more concerns about diverse communication styles for your customers and prospects.
  • Every outbound and inbound call is communicated as if your best Sales Agent is conducting the call.
  • Perfect presentation yields higher warm transfers and closing rates.

Competitive Cost

  • CallAssistant provides clients a significant market price advantage over U.S. domestic call centers.
  • CallAssistant has hourly rates on par with Indian and Philippine call centers.
  • CallAssistant will work with clients to structure performance pricing.

Compliance with Telemarketing Rules

  • CallAssistant received an opinion letter from the FTC affirming that Echo™ is not a pre-recorded or ROBO call; as defined by the Telemarketing Sales Rule amendment. For further review – the following link will direct users to the official letter from the FTC, Division of Marketing Practices, which CallAssistant received on September 11, 2009: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/telemarketing/opinion0901.pdf

  • CallAssistant guarantees that all disclosures are delivered professionally each time to customers.
  • All telemarketing calls are conducted by live Call Agents.
  • All calls are recorded (and stored for a period of time) for our Client's compliance\training reviews.
  • Company is compliant with the National Do-Not Call Registry guidelines.


  • Clients are updated every 20-minutes on the status of their call campaign.
  • Scripts can be updated daily and delivered within 24-hours.
  • Campaign production plan is monitored daily and updated to Client by their Account Executive.
  • Clients received real-time production reporting via a secured web platform.

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